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Finally broke down and adopted a dog

Much like the title says we finally adopted a dog from Angels for Animals.  We put it off for a while until we were sure we could manage a dog. Dogs take a lot more time to take care of than cats and we didn’t want to have a dog that was always home alone….

Pets are Part of the Family

It’s amazing how attached we become to our pets.  Those people with pets know exactly what I am referring to.  Today I had to put one of my cats to sleep.  He had been losing weight for the last few weeks the veterinarian didn’t know what was wrong, and last night he took a turn…

My blackberry needs a reset button

Is it just me or has my blackberry device become the equivalent to Windows ME. I reboot my storm more than I reboot any of my windows PCs.  And it takes entirely too long for it to boot up – Vista boots faster.  So I have come to the conclusion that RIM is too slow…